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49th International School & Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors

"Jaszowiec 2021"

1-10 September 2021, Online only

Oral and Poster presentations

How to join the Jaszowiec 2021 conference via Zoom - instructions


To increase visibility of the poster presentations in online form, we decided to give Presenters extra time to show their work. Besides separate online Zoom Rooms, where Presenters will have about 60 minutes to discuss their poster with attending participants, they will also have 4 minutes for short (2 slide) summary of their work. This means that the Author of accepted poster presentation will be required to prepare:

  • poster (A0 page format)
  • 2 slide summary (2-page PDF only - no animations allowed)

During the summary session, chairperson will have an aggregated PDF file containing slides for all Presenters. To keep the time schedule, chairperson will be responsible for switching slides once asked by each presenter. The poster-summaries will be organized in parallel topical sessions (with the number of sessions depending on a number of participants) just before the poster session discussion in separate Zoom Rooms.

ORAL PRESENTATIONS (Invited & Contributed)

Invited presentations are 45 minutes in length, consisting of 40 minutes for your presentation and 5 minutes for questions.
Contributed oral presentations are 15 minutes in length, consisting of 12 minutes for your presentation and 3 minutes for questions.

An exact time of your presentation will be given in the Conference program to be found on the Conference website.
Oral presentations will be held using "Share screen" option of Zoom. Please make sure that you are familiar with this function prior to scheduled time of your talk. In case of any problems and questions we will be happy to help you in a specially prepared Technical Room in Zoom.