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49th International School & Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors

"Jaszowiec 2021"

1-10 September 2021, Online only

Invited speakers

Hui Deng, University of Michigan, USA
Excitons and Polaritons in van der Waals Hetero-bilayers

Thorsten Deilmann, Universitaet Münster, Germany
Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides in Magnetic Fields

Elvira Fortunato, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Transparent electronics based on oxide transistors

Nicolas Grandjean, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Role of point defects in quantum efficiency of nitride based emitters

Jacek Jasinski, University of Louisville, USA
Fabrication, characterization and property tuning of phosphorene, chromium triodides and related 2D materials

Agata Kamińska, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University and Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
Instantaneous decay rate analysis of time resolved photoluminescence (TRPL): application to nitrides and nitride structures

Paweł Kowalczyk, University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland
Exotic properties of 15th group heavy X-enes and their van der Waals hybrids: Levy flights, superlubricity, Dirac Points and topological properties

Maciej Molas, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
Excitonic complexes in monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides

Łukasz Pluciński, Peter Grünberg Institut, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
Band structure engineering in 3D topological insulators

Eli Sutter, University of Nebraska, USA
Chiral twisted van der Waals nanowires

Jacek Szczytko, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
Engineering spin-orbit synthetic Hamiltonians in liquid-crystal optical cavities

Takashi Taniguchi, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Tsukuba, Japan
Single Crystalline Hexagonal Boron Nitride for 2D Opto-Electric Devices

Filip Tuomisto, University of Helsinki, Finland
Point defect related phenomena in semiconductors with low symmetry: examples of beta-Ga2O3, nitride alloys, and nitride devices

Karel Vyborny, FZU - Institute of Physics, ASCR, Czech Republic
Two examples of manganese-based antiferromagnetic semiconductors

Zbig Wasilewski, University of Waterloo, Canada
Towards room temperature, compact sources of coherent terahertz radiation